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                           AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION........COLONEL BUD WEST CHAPTER ........TALLAHASSEE FLYER.....                                                                              JANUARY 2016

 We are here.  Just not as often as we should be.  Your Bud West Chapter has elected a new Executive Council for the coming year and we  are here for help and assistance we are able to provide our membership.
 President                        John Schmidt                878-9550  
 VP for Membership        Ken David                    556-0084 
 Secretary                        Tom Carney                  562-1801 
 Treasurer                        Kevin Vislocky             627-1477   
 John has appointed the following members to leadership positions on the Executive Council:  MGen Michael Snodgrass, "Senior Advisor" -  Loreen Kollar."Administrave Assistant" Lt Col. Clifford Palmer, "Past President", Colonel Marc Van Wert, "SrROTC Advisor". Lt Col Ken  David, Jr ROTC Advisor, Lt Col Lynn Damron, "CAP Advisor"
 Our new Council is gearing up to make every effort to advance and renew our mission to Educate, Advocate, and Support in our role as a  Chapter in the Air Force Association.  Our local mission over the past 48 years since our Charter, has been to provide whatever assistance  and support we are capable of........ to the ROTC units in Tallahassee and surrounding area, the local CAP organization and to bring our  membership together for fellowship and to visit with a special speaker at our Chapter Meeting/Dinner.
 When I say "we are capable of" I  am referring to our "weak but steady" treasury.  We are in dire need of additional members and most  especially of New Community Partners to provide the funds in or continue our Cadet Scholarship awards.  We ask for help in recruiting  new COMPART........they over the years has been the backbone and foundation of our ability to provide in the Awards area.  Lt Col Ken  David will be leading the way and please contact Ken if you have any ideas and thoughts on "new" Partners.
 General Mike Snodgrass is working up a proposal for our Chapter to provide support in a congratulatory program working with a middle  school in recognizing outstanding work by students that are working beyond expectations and bringing up their grade level well above  the expected.  We are excited and looking forward to getting this off the ground and up and running as soon as the pieces are in place.  We  thank Mike Snodgrass for this excellent idea in working with our schools.
 Our Dinner Meetings are taking a hit on cost.  Even though our cost has traditionally been low and well below what other Chapters are  having to pay - we do realize that we have to expect some change.....and we hope you will understand and support the new cost per  person in future meetings.  We must consider that our guests are that -  "Guests" and we ask Cadets to join us during special occasions.  we pay for them as well.  Effective at our 16 Febuary meeting the cost will be:  $27.00 per person
 FSU and the Cadet Wing are preparing for an exciting year with the coming of the eve of the US Air Force's 70th Birthday, they will hold a  Dining Out on the 8th of April and be honored with the attendance of Lt Gen Ken Minihan, USAF Retired, as the guest speaker.  General  Minihan graduated from FSU in 1966 and is a Distinguished Graduate of Detachment 145. The Detachment is looking forward to  commissioning 22 Seniors as new 2nd Lieutenants on the 6th of May.  And, as always, the Cadets and Detachments look forward to  supporting the Air Force Association and Arnold Air Society in the coming months.  GO Noles!!
 Thanks!!!.  Our Chapter in deeply indebted to Cliff Palmer for the many years (8) that he served as President.  Never did he waver - never  did he falter in his sincere, dedicated service to our Chapter.  Many of these years he was on TDY to Baton Rouge, LA in a job that required  his presence there rather than here in Tallahassee.  We applaud and salute Lt Col Cliff Palmer for the many years of his personal  leadership.  We hope to see Cliff at our meetings if Interstate 10 will provide him a clean shot to come home.
 CHAPTER MEETING.........16 FEBRUARY 2016.....1900 @ the Holiday Inn - 
 Our speaker for the dinner meeting will be MGen Michael Snodgrass.  The general has a very long and distinguished career in the Air Force  and has served at practically every level including  the office of the Secretary of the Air Force.  He has chosen to share with the Chapter  the history, formulation, and the activities of the U. S. Africa  Command, where he served as the Chief of Staff - 2007-10 in Stuttgart,  Germany. 
 Please get your RSVP into Loreen as soon as you can.
 For now that will be our short message for all our members and we do ask for your special attention to  our need to increase membership  and to recruit more Community Partners..........if you have some ideas as to who might be interested in supporting our mission - give Ken  David a  call........
 Hope to see you at our Februrary dinner meeting on 16 Feb....
  John Schmidt
 Chapter  419

      Air Force Association

         Colonel H.M. "Bud" West Chapter 419

                                    Tallahassee, Florida